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29 plus 1 things to do before 30

My friend Miranda is a big to-do lister, in fact her blog is all about lists of things she wants and has accomplished.  Recently she added a more short term list, a list of things to do within a year.  I enjoy this since it has to be composed of more practical and easier to accomplish goals.  I have too many big dreamy things I could add on a list but a year long restriction made me really think about what I could put on a list.  So since one year from today I turn 30, I am starting a list of 30 things to do before I turn 30.  I’ll blog my accomplishments and failures as they come.  It’ll give me something to talk about and it’ll hopefully give me a kick in the butt to accomplish some of the less fun things on the list. 

1. Learn to be a good mom
2. Take a class, not sure what in I learned to knit
3. Make salted caramels, this was on a another 30 TTDB 30 blogger and they sound wonderful
4. Start up the Wine Blog again and post regularly—-Sorta
5. Read at least 15 books.  30 would probably be more fitting but probably not as realistic.—-made it to 9
6. Update this blog twice a week.  I plan to continue Holga Loving Wednesdays.—-figured out once a week is what I can handle
7. Plant a garden and actually get a harvest. harvested lettuce, zucchini, and banana peppers so far
8. Learn to can…Make something worth canning!! made and canned raspberry jalapeno jam delish!
9. Loose the baby weight, this includes the 10lbs of margarita/wine weight I gained right before getting preggers.  blah
10. Do Yoga everyday for 1 month. rolling over to next year
11. Seek out and support more local businesses.
12. Bake a pie from scratch…crust and all. ugly apple pie tasted pretty good
13. Volunteer/Donate to a good cause art supplies to an art therapy place where there was a fire.  baby clothes of the NICU
14. Participate in a photo challenge 26 things
15. Clean/organize the bead closet…scary
16. Paint the master bedroom. its like a completely different room now
17. Learn to use/not be scared of my sewing machine rolling over to next year
18. Finish the Rock quilt.  DONE and I LOVE it
19. Pay off the truck  woot
20. Keep Ryker’s photo album and journal up to date.  mostly
21. Organize the garage.—-done
22. Go to a movie alone. went and saw the Kings Speech
23. Have a fun birthday party for R’s first bday. 40 people and very hot weather but it was a good time
24. Get handy and fix our leaky sinks.—-done!
25. Kayak Chicago  went to Toast of the Town instead
26. Take R to his first baseball game and to the zoo.
27. Follow and complete a pattern from start to finish with out altering it. done!
28. Go for an outing w/ girl friends once a month. doing again next year
29. Buy and learn to use a 35mm toy camera…thinking wide angle  went with the blue ribbon slim and love it
30. Tweet a happy thought once a day  actually completed and plan to do again next year


nordwolke says...

I did not know that you are on twitter. I should try to follow that!
Plans are good to see where you are now and what the next steps could be to reach your goals. Very interesting list. But you should not try to do this:

“Follow and complete a pattern from start to finish with out altering it.”

Adding your own personal touch to a project is the best you can do to it. wink So, why would you try to reach that goal???

crymson's avatar .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) says...

I have a hard time following patterns, even when I’m brand new in that craft.  It’s one of the reasons I don’t make wearables.  But I think I would like to try and either crochet something wearable, hat, mittens, socks something or learn to sew.  Both would need me to follow a pattern and not get bored by it.  We’ll see what happens, it’ll be hard for me not to alter anything.

Cathy says...

I think you already have #1 down.


Miranda says...

Happy late birthday. Love love love this list. Can’t wait to hear about your adventures!!!

Jessica says...

Yay!  I am working on my list too, but I think its got to be 40 before I’m 40…I can’t think how I could do 31 different things before I’m 31!  That’s too little time!

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