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31 things to do before I turn 31

Today’s my birthday and I’ve left my 20ies behind and joined the 30ies club.  It’s hard to believe I’m 30, I don’t feel any different.  Although I do notice that I don’t shop at the same stores I did 5 years ago.  My tastes have changed and I’m glad for that.  I don’t want to feel like a 25 year old.  I want to be me at 30.  Me at 30 has a purple feather in her hair.  I haven’t lost all the baby weight but haven’t been too stressed out about it.  I’ve been learning to quilt and really loving that.  I’ve also been crocheting my afghan that I’ve worked on for the past year.  And I want to put more time into knitting, although that is 3rd in line and doesn’t get touched very often.  At 30 I’m struggling with where I am and where I want to be career wise.  I hope I figure that out in the next decade.  I’m also struggling with finding time to keep my blog active and alive, I would miss an online presence if it were to slip away.  I love my family and love that we’re growing together everyday.  I have a great gathering of friends that I’m very excited to get to see this Friday.
Last year I made a list of 30 things to do before I turned 30.  I did pretty well with it.  I accomplished or at least made a dent in 26 of the 30 items.  I sorta really enjoyed this list.  It made me sit down and think of a list of reasonable things I want to accomplish.  And during the year I found the list inspiring me to get things done or do things I wouldn’t have if I hadn’t had the reason.  So I sat down again and came up with 31 things to do for the next year.  (for some reason it was way harder to come up with 31 things than 30 things)  So here’s the new list for the next year.

1. Continue to tweet a happy thought a day
2. Read 10 books
3. Bake a yeast bread from scratch
4. Finish crocheting the blocks for my afghan, goal is 1 block a month
5. Create a garment, either sewing or knitting or whatev
6. Work out 2-3x per week is the goal and totally doable
7. Yoga everyday for one month
8. Figure out our investments and feel happy with them
9. Fix up our kitchen
10. Learn my sewing machine
11. Make some dietary changes ~ drink at least 8 glasses of water per day and stick with this
12. Pickle some vegetables.  I want to make pickles and then pickle another veggie to see what the hub bub’s about
13. Quit swearing.  by far the hardest thing on my list.
14. Make some more jam, two kinds for gifts.
15. See a show at the Civic Center
16. Meets friends out for dinner once a month
17. Organize my bookmarks and bloglist
18. Take a trip with my hubby sans R
19. Polyurethane projects: buffet table, railing, dining room table, Adirondack chairs
20. Make a prettier pie
21. Complete a photo challenge
22. Complete a quilt
23. Try different coffee drinks other than my norm
24. Plant next years garden with melons
25. Strip and refinish my cedar chest
26. Spend an afternoon at a coffee shop reading
27. Try something new with the holga
28. Tweak and update the website
29. Take another class
30. Create a Dear Photograph
31. Watch a movie marathon featuring Mila Jovovich w/ C


.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) says...

Welcome to the 30s. Just keep breathing, fighting, and being you. We love you. =o)

Miranda says...

I don’t know if I approve of this non cursing one….

But I love love love the different coffee than your norm. And I love that you used create a Dear Photograph. Wonder who you got that from?

I heart you. Welcome to 30something. It’s going to be the best decade ever I’m sure of it.

nordwolke says...

love those “dear photographs”! Totally cool! Would love to try that out as well.
I can suggest a film with Milla Jovovich playing a minor role. “Palermo Shooting” smile
I recently stumbled upon it by accident and kept watching it because the German punk singer Campino plays the main role. It is a little bit philosophical. And Dennis Hopper plays a cool role, too.
I cannot wait to see you accomplishing all your crafts and creative plans in this new year!

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