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This is the other project I’ve been working on lately.  It’s 90% hand pieced but when I went home last weekend I used mom’s sewing machine to put the big pieces together.  I’m not quite done with the piecing yet.  I plan to add another line with wording.  But the last couple nights I’ve spent working on blocks for Mom and mine’s quilt.  I have two new blocks in progress for that.  Anyway when this quilt is finished it will go w/ R to day care for his napping blanket. 

Later today we head back up to Chicago.  C and I and friends are spending a night in the city and then headed to the Bears game on Sunday.  I’m bringing my holga in hopes for some inspiration.  Either way though it should be a really good time. 


Miranda says...

Wow - This is very cool. I can’t believe i haven’t seen it before. What is the wording you’re adding? I love it.

Cathy says...

looks AWESOME!!

nordwolke says...

I hope you are spending a wonderful weekend over there. I cannot wait to see the holgas you will take there. Lucky R for receiving such a wonderful napping blanket. He surely will have nice dreams when napping on it. smile

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