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This spring I told myself I wanted to learn something new this summer. To me this can be kinda scary. To really learn something new it takes investment. Investment of time, money, and brain power. So far I’ve really surprised myself with how much I’ve committed to learning this summer, and the opportunities that have been presenting themselves. First thing I’m going to talk about is learning photography.

Back in April is when I first got my grubby hands on my Holga and I haven’t stopped taking pics since. I’m lucky to have a camera store in town that develops and prints medium format film in house with a turn around time of only a few days. I take my Holga with me almost every where I go. It’s such a simple camera that I’ve been able to learn the quirks of working in with my own experiments. Right now I’m experimenting with different films. Fugi vs Kodak vs Ilford (the B+W) and then the different film speeds and my newest discovery is that Kodak film has normal color vs vivid color film. I’m enjoying the different effects I can get while using the B function which allows me to control how long the shutter is open.

Last week I took a free beginners class at the Peoria Camera store to learn more about PhotoShop Elements. It was a great refresher for what Mom has taught be so far, but I didn’t learn too much that was new. I’ll need to take the more advanced class if what I know so far isn’t adequate. I bought a scanner so that I’ll be able to scan high resolution copies from either the negatives or the prints of my holga photos. This way I can do more with the images to make them more web and print ready. It should be delivered tomorrow. So I’ll have to learn some more new technology.
This week I signed up for the free beginner DSLR class at the camera store. I inherited Mom’s DSLR and Nikon D70 and have played around with it some but it’s much more complex than the Holga. I find it intimidating and haven’t been very happy with my results. There are so many functions and things to think about with the digital. I’m hoping the class with make me feel a little more confident. Despite my intimidation when I actually pick up the camera and start shooting I have fun. I don’t tend to pick this camera up as often as the Holga though. I hope to increase the time spent on my digital as the summer progresses.

Another event on the horizon is my upcoming trip to California. I’m flying to San Francisco to visit Miranda and we are planning our own little road trip. We plan to drive up the beautiful California coast line up to the RedWoods National Park. It’s supposed to be an amazing drive and we have many little sites planned out to stop at and check out. There will be lots of amazing photo opportunities. I plan to bring a ton of film, and take a million digital photos. I’ll be able to work on landscapes, panos, and of course silly photos of us. I’m very excited. grin

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beadexplorer says...

I am also intimidated by Frank’s digital camera. I am just learning about all the functions of my “snapshot” digital camera which I bought 3 years ago ... smile I can’t wait to see all the pictures you will be taking on your trip!!!

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