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This morning we woke up early w/ the cats running around like stampeding buffalo, so Chris went for a run and I went for an adventure.  I grabbed the digital camera and put on crappy clothes and shoes and went for a walk in the woods and field behind our house.  The grass was as tall as my waist, the poison ivy up to my ankles, and everything was wet.  I was soaked from the knees down in ten minutes.  But the birds were singing and so I started trying to find them by their song to get their picture.  It’s not easy photographing birds, especially when you don’t know much about photography.  But it was fun to attempt to walk quietly and look around the branches to find them.  And when I made noise and they got quiet I found a lot of bugs and wild flowers to photograph while waiting for the birds to sing again. 

Luckily I stumbled across these woodpeckers, I think they are red bellied woodpeckers and this is the female.  At first I saw the male and I saw him land on this dead tree then disappear inside.  Then I could hear the babies calling for food.  So I hung out here and waited for the male to come out.  It happened so quickly I missed it with my camera, but soon the female came to bring food.  Unfortunately she saw me which made her very skiddish.  She wouldn’t actually go in to the babies with me watching.  She would fly circles from tree to tree around the next and occasionally land on the dead tree with the nest.  I was lucky and caught this image, the only one that is sorta sharp.  She’s got a bug in her mouth for the babies!

Later I went back to the house and baked cookies.  Next we’ll head up to a bike store to look at bikes, and then off to the Dude’s place.  I have tons of fun new holga pics but I didn’t pay the extra dough to put them on cd.  I’m in the process of shopping for a scanner.  Any recommendations?


beadexplorer says...

This woodpecker surely is a difficult motif. Cool, that you could capture her. Regarding the Scanner: We have the CanonScan Lide 100 and have been satisfied so far. However, I don’t know much about your requirements.

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